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It is often said the British oil and gas industry has been the biggest industrial success of the past five decades. These are the major energy providers and are also responsible for the supply of essential chemicals required for various industries and domestic purposes. The statistics script the success story as is evident from the export and tax revenues that continue to boost the cause of the British economy:

  • It provides employment opportunities for more than 380,000 people.
  • Has been the source of three quarters of the primary energy consumption of the country
  • Has paid taxes amounting to £150 billion since the 1970s
  • Has made investments worth £150 billion over a span of the past 25 years
  • Has accounted for 1/5th of the UK annual investment
  • Has added £4 billion per year to the balance of payments

So far Britain has been self sufficient when it comes to the oil and gas sector over the past 17 years. Needless to say that there is enough opportunity for those who wish to make it big when it comes to jobs in oil and gas industry. At present innovative technologies are being used in order to cut down on the cost of oil and gas exploration and production therefore giving the oil fields a considerably long productive life. The use of non-renewable sources of energy has thus given way to the use of energy generated from renewable sources.

Going by the forecasts made by experts, it is expected that the industry will continue to remain self sufficient in the manufacture of oil for another decade. When the focus shifts to gas, the span is likely to extend and span the entire century. It is also estimated that the industry will make as many as 130 new discoveries in the forthcoming years and there would be around 240 new developments.

As far as oil and gas industry recruitment is concerned, the employment opportunities are available in different sectors of the industry. There are companies that specialise in operations, drilling, contracting, service and FPSO.

Operations: Organisations that are concerned with operations mostly deal with exploration and production licenses and focus on the production part.

Drilling: There are companies that specialise in drilling activities and often work on a contract basis on behalf of multinational corporations. These may be locally based but have the necessary expertise, staff and equipment to deal with the process.

Contracting: These provide maintenance services and integrated operations to the companies involved in the operations sector. At some installations, they even employ their entire offshore workforce.

Services: These companies offer specialist assistance to the drilling and operation companies and their range of services include cementing, drilling mud supplies, seismic assistance, divers and well testing specialists.

FPSO: This section is responsible for the operations and maintenance of offloading units and floating production storage. These resemble ships that are designed to remain on station for a long span of time and have equipments installed on them for processing oil and gas.

If you wish to make a career in the oil and gas industry, then it is necessary that you forward your resume to the recruitment agencies that specialise in such industry recruitment.

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Oil and Gas Industry Recruitment

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This article was published on 2010/10/26