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Natural gas is an important resource for our society. It is not useful only in almost each industry, but also in the households. The same thing is valid for oil as well. The world needs oil and gas to function. Nevertheless, before the oil and gas get to the consumer, there are important steps in processing them.

There are several things to consider such as where natural gas reserves are, how the extraction of gas is possible, as well as the need of a pipeline network to ease the transition of the gas to the processing places. All this has to meet successful achievement in a timely manner, so that the consumer has no impediments in purchasing and using the different products based on gas.

Natural gas, simply named gas, as well as the other resource, namely oil, is an important fuel resource for most industries such as transportation industry, electrical industry. In addition, it is a resource for industries such as manufacturing industry or food industry. An important aspect to consider is transportation of gas.

Even if both oil and gas have a common usage as fuels, gas needs to go through processing before meeting transportation requirements. First, processing this type of fuel takes place in order to make sure it is pure and, second of all, to prepare it for transfer purposes. In this manner, the gas fuel can support the transformation into liquefied natural gas or compressed gas. The storage of oil and gas is also an important issue for oil and gas producers.

On the continent, gas meets transportation requirements through the pipeline network, but in some areas where it is impossible to construct these kinds of networks, transfer will take place in special containers or carriers, depending on the specific manner of processing the gas reserves. Sometimes, when the existing pipeline networks reach their full transporting capacity, the producers have to ship the natural gas in containers.

The special containers are also useful for transporting oil and gas across the ocean. The tank trucks ship oil and gas directly to the consumers or to an existing pipeline network and they are very useful on as short distances as possible. All transportation of gas and oil should take place in maximum-security conditions, because of the risk of environment pollution or other disasters in the case where something unfortunate should occur that would obstruct or damage the transport.

Storage of gas and oil may also be a problem because of the fluctuating demand. The gas and oil demand is usually higher during the cold seasons when people use it for heating. In this manner, sometimes there might be a shortage of gas and oil, which is usually easily identifiable because of the noticeable raising of the price of the gas. The gas price changes also depend on the fluctuations in the world economy as well as on the economies of the countries with higher natural gas reserves.

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The processed natural gas is an important resource for power generation, for producing hydrogen, as fuel for vehicles, and for domestic use. As any other resource, it is up to us how long we exploit it and for what purposes. We can choose to care now about using oil and gas.

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How important natural gas is

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This article was published on 2007/05/15
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