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The demand for oil and gas is set to go up over the years as the consumer demands more energy due to growths in population. The world seems to have enough oil and gas for the time being but no infrastructure in place to extract from the natural reserves. Developing nations are seeing this demand as an opportunity to develop their social infrastructure and hopefully be able to build better futures for its locals. Engineers with relevant experience have come into hot demand as companies desperately need to fill gaps in their work force. Working and living conditions will need to be addressed by job offering companies so that qualified engineers will give up on their home comforts.

Engineers will need to have experience and all paper work will need to be up to date in order to be offered placements from international companies. Even starting at the bottom of the ladder workers find they are able to climb pretty quickly in comparison to counterpart industries. Although starting at the bottom will require you getting in, in the first place this can be quite difficult if you aren’t working off a recommendation from a friend. With perseverance one can find themselves in a position.

Many countries are in the process of upgrading and installing necessary infrastructure to aid in the extraction of oil and gas. Countries like Australia, Kazakhstan and Nigeria have the biggest recruitment needs. So if you are an out of work engineer with the required skills you surely will find yourself in employment. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to fill the positions they have open.

Another big aspect to the oil and gas industry is the possibility to work offshore. Offshore rigs are a plenty and offer big salaries for individuals who are willing to put up with the discomforts of working offshore. Working schedules for offshore work on a turn basis can be anything like one month on for one month off. This can and more than likely will increase to six months on for six months off. This will be made clear to you before your work actually commences. Safety is a major concern for any oil rig manger and having the proper safety certificates is a definate requirement – without such you will never be able to step foot on an oil rig.

This oil and gas recruiting article was written by David Kimberley. It was written to help aid job seekers looking for engineering jobs in oil and gas find employment.

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Engineering jobs in Oil and Gas

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This article was published on 2011/01/10